Excellent Flat Roof Coating in Blair, WI

If you want to keep your flat roof well protected, contact our professionals from Lambright Construction Roofing & Coatings Division in Blair, WI. Our flat roof coating and single-ply recoating services come with our guarantee of high-quality results and friendly customer service. Get the best low- or no-slope roof protection possible with our team. 

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Works for Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified-bitumen roofing systems (MB roofing) is a durable and weather-resistant type of low-slope roof. This system is excellent for protecting against cold and heat and while it has layers, is labeled as a single-ply type of roofing. When your MB roofing begins to wear out, contact Lambright Construction Roofing & Coatings Division and let us offer you fast and reliable single-ply recoating services. 

Benefits of Coating

Our team works with all types of flat roofing, and we use our coating and recoating services to save you money and provide you with a weather-resistant roof that will last for years. When you work with us, we’ll help you determine with coating system will work best for your roof, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased energy savings, improved waterproofing capacity, and reduced maintenance costs well into the future.

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To get proper flat roof coating and recoating services to ensure you get the most of your flat or low-slope roofing, contact Lambright Construction Roofing & Coatings Division. We have spent years coating all types of roofing and are proud to offer you the best customer service and results. You’ll be sure to get the durable coating and recoating services you need when you work with our team. Call today for a free estimate

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